Dyno Testing
Our specialised Dynamometer testing facilities are availible for bikes, quads & karts. The inertial rolling road provides to perfect base for accurate power testing, that can be corrected as required.
Dyno Features
- Highly Accurate Torque and Power Curves: Find the subtle difference the your engines power and torwue by overlaying up to 4 run to see for yourself the difference in performancce that your cfhanges make. The graphs can then be printed or saved to CD to allow for further review.
- Dual Air/Fuel Ratio Sensing: Measure the AFR in up to 2 exhaust throughout the rev range, allowing for fast and accurate adjustment of the mixture to give optimum power.
- 4 Channel Thermocouples: Place thermocouples around your engine to make sure that the running conditions of the engine ion the dyno are as close as possible to the on track conditions
- Climate Analysis: Temperature, humidity and air density are recorded your with runs to allows you to match the race day conditions to the dyno run conditions to maintain the ideal settings.

Whether you looking for maximum power or usuable power our dyno service will be able to give you the competitive edge that you need. To book or for more information contact info@chrisdixracing.com.